Foreverest® Extra Light Color Hydrogenated Rosinates (CHRDs)  are modified rosin derivative. This group has light color appearance in hazen unit, which are mainly used in adhesive industry, especially used in screen protection film, medicinal patch, diaper adhesives, PSA and HMA. Based on refined hydrogenated rosin,  Extra light color rosinates through the process on pretreatment, steam distillation, vacuum steam distillation and vacuum distillation to separate the crude oil, resin acid, fatty acid and oxide resins. Then after esterification, this group appears light color, low odor, excellent heating resistance, weathering resistance, high softening point and other characteristics.
Colorless Pentaerythritol Hydrogenated Rosinate, 100 Hazen Unit

Figure 1.Colorless Pentaerythritol Hydrogenated Rosinate, 100 Hazen Unit, LOT 2015-1-9


The hydrogenation degree can be determined by the content of Tetrahydro-resin acid/ester and Dihydro-resin acid/ester. CHRDs show high level of hydrogenation (see Table1), which represents the latest hydrogenation technology in China, with an eltra-light color and excellent color stability (see Table2).

Table 1.High level hydrogenation performance of CHRDs
Product Composition Tetrahydro-resin acid/ ester, % Dihydro-resin and Tetrahydro-resin acid/ester, % Dehydro-resin acid/ester, %
400 Colorless fully hydrogenated rosin 40 to 60 92 min 10 max
GEHR100D/GEHR100H Colorless glyceryl hydrogenated rosinate 35 to 40 92 min 10 max
PEHR100D/PEHR100E Colorless pentaerythritol hydrogenated rosinate 35 to 40 92 min 10 max
Table 2.Extra light color stability of CHRDs
Product Color, Hazen Unit Color Stability, @180 to 200°C, 8h, Hazen Unit
400 50 to 100 100 max
GEHR100D/GEHR100H 150 max or 200 max 150 max or 200 max
PEHR100D/PEHR100E 150 max or 200 max 150 max or 200 max


Compared to other tackifiering resins, CHRDs provide an optimum combination of adhesion, clarity and stability, all important attributes for formulating high-end adhesives. (See Table3).

Table 3.CHRDs compared with other resins
Advantages over non-hydrogenated rosin resins and partially-hydrogenated rosin resins Advantages over Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins
1. lighter color;
2. Little or no skin sensitizing;
3. improved stability and color retention;
4. better aging resistance;
5. less UV absorption, suitable for UV curable polymer based adhesives;
1. low-or-no VOC;
2. adhere well to low-energy surfaces;
3. bio-based, environmentally Friendly;
4. more polar and narrower in molecular weight, wider compatibility with almost all polymers, especially suitable for acrylic polymers;


Foreverest® Colorless Hydrogenated Rosin Derivatives (CHRDs) are mainly used as tackifiers in adhesives and sealants, especially for acrylic adhesives, while 400 could also be used in soldering fluxes. They are excellent alternatives to Arakawa® products and Eastman® products (see Table4).

Table 4.Alternatives of CHRDs
Product End Use Alternatives
400 Adhesives
Solder Fluxes
Eastman® Product
Arakawa® Product
GEHR100D/GEHR100H Adhesives & Sealants Arakawa® Product
Arakawa® Product
PEHR100D/PEHR100E Adhesives & Sealants Arakawa® Product

(1) Arakawa is the trademark of Arakawa Chemical Industries,Ltd.
(2) Eastman is the trademark of Eastman Chemical Company


Colorless Fully Hydrogenated Rosin

400   TDS
Refined from hydrogenated rosin or high-hydrogenated rosin that are eliminated foreign matter. With the benefit of colorless, is applied as solid or liquid solder flux, and the raw material of light-colored rosin resin and hot melt adhesives.

Colorless Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate

GEHR100D   TDS   |   GEHR100H   TDS
A kind of super light color tackifying rosin resin, which is esterified from refined hydrogenated rosin and edible glycerol, and through series combined technologies units of catalytic hydrogenation.

Colorless Pentaerythritol Hydrogenated Rosinate

PEHR100D   TDS   |   PEHR100E   TDS
A kind of super light color tackifying polyols resin, which is esterified from refined gum rosin by pentaerythritol, and through series combined technologies units of catalytic hydrogenation.

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