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The southwest of China, under humid climate with rich landforms, was riched in natural flavor resources. As of 2007, the Chinese flavor exports amounting has up to 6 million dollars, shares the 25% of global markets.

Foreverest™ Natural & Synthetics Flavor Series are combining technologies by biological process, supercritical extraction, molecular distillation, ultrasonic extraction or other extracted process.  We cooperate with first class factories in China to supply high quality materials to the world.

Natural Flavor

Natural flavors are ingredients that come from natural sources such as a spice, fruit, or vegetable. They can even come from herbs, barks, roots, or similar plant materials. Natural flavors also come from meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Flavors are only used to add taste to foods; they are not nutritional.

Artificial Flavor

Artificial Flavor are flavorings that don’t meet the definition of natural flavor. There isn’t much difference in the chemical compositions of natural and artificial flavorings. For example, an artificial strawberry flavor may contain the same individual substances as a natural one, but the ingredients come from a source other than a strawberry.

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Available Products

Products Chemicals Name CAS
85% Pine Oil 8002-09-3
CIS71 Rose Oxide 16409-43-1
DAB8 Synthetic Camphor 76-22-2
- Tea Tree Oil 68647-73-4
95% Terpinen-4-ol 562-74-3
85% Terpineol 8000-41-7
MU Terpineol 8000-41-7
Perfumery Terpineol 8000-41-7
90% Terpinolene 586-62-9
95% Terpinolene 586-62-9
95% Terpinyl Acetate 8007-35-0
98% Terpinyl Acetate 8007-35-0
85% Turpentine 8006-64-2
99.5 Vanillin 121-33-5