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Development and Innovation of Chinese Construction Adhesives Industry

Development and Innovation of Chinese Construction Adhesives Industry

Development Trend of Construction Industry

The construction industry in the western countries have explored three stages: The first stage is large building, the second stage is new building and rebuilding, the third stage is rebuilding by new technology and modern fashion. European companies have restored the old buildings for nearly half a century. Repair and replace the bearing structure is a main business, above 60% of budgets were using on the repairing for buildings. We can see that, it’s an important trend on the application of construction adhesives and chemical building.

Chinese economy is growing in a high speed for thirty years. The construction industry have finished the first stage and walking to the second stage – “large building” develop to “new building & rebuilding”. According as development stably in large building, the rebuilding demand increases faster than anytime. But government and companies just started the construction technology development for ten years, the material specifications and industry standard require more mature solutions.

Application and Develop Trend of Construction Adhesives

Following the growing of building industry development, the construction adhesives were specialty applied on engineering applications, such like used as binding, sealing, fixed, moisture, corrosion protection, damping, shock absorption. The markets focus on Building Decoration, Building Reinforcement & Maintenance, Renovation and other engineering applications. Fully product-lines, specialization and serialization are the features of Chinese construction adhesives industry. Adhesives for decoration can offer mature solution but the adhesives for repairing require more development is the second feature. This market need innovation.