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DIC Installs Multireaction Tanks to Efficiently Produce Solventborne Resins

DIC Installs Multireaction Tanks to Efficiently Produce Solventborne Resins


DIC Corporation has installed three multireaction tanks—which enable a high degree of freedom in temperature regulation and paddle configuration—at its Hokuriku Plant, a synthetic resins production facility in the city of Hakusan Ishikawa Prefecture, with the aim of improving production efficiency. This move will enable the plant to accommodate more product lines than previously possible and shorten reaction times, allowing the efficient production of a broad range of synthetic resins.

Improve Production Efficiency

Hokuriku Plant produces acrylic resins and polyurethane resins, etc. which are used in coatings, adhesives and electronics materials, among others. Against a backdrop of rising demand for waterborne and other environment-friendly resins, as well as for high-value-added products such as functional resins for electronics materials, ensuring the ability to efficiently put out a diverse range of products is an urgent challenge.

Multiple High-value-added Products

  • The new multireaction tanks enable mild temperature adjustments over a wide range, from low to high, which was previously difficult.
  • The tanks also allow reaction control with precise temperature regulation. As a consequence, the Hokuriku Plant can now efficiently produce a wider variety of synthetic resins than ever before, including low-viscosity, high-viscosity, solventborne and solvent-free products.

Under its current medium-term management plan, DIC108, DIC has outlined a policy of concentrating management resources on strategic products. By not only realizing the efficient production of high-value-added strategic products, but also facilitating reaction control, this investment at the Hokuriku Plant will also help resolve issues related to the passing on of technologies, an increasing concern as a new generation of workers takes over. Looking ahead, the DIC Group will continue to work as one to bolster production efficiency worldwide.

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