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Naturals, Masks And Colour Cosmetics Trending

Naturals, Masks And Colour Cosmetics Trending

Heading into its 10th anniversary in 2017, in-cosmetics Asia is one of the leading events in Asia Pacific for personal care ingredients. The exhibition brings together personal care ingredients suppliers (exhibitors) with finished product manufacturers (visitors) looking to network, learn about future trends and discover new products.

The popularity and success of the event continues to grow year on year, and the most recent show attracted a record number of visitors; 8,782, an increase of 17% on 2015. in-cosmetics Asia continues to attract visitors from the entire Asia Pacific region who are looking to find new ingredients and innovations from the international suppliers that do not appear at other shows. In 2016 the show welcomed 2,951 non-Thai attendees from 77 countries, up 18% on the year before.

These industry professionals came to see the 385 personal care suppliers of ingredients, fragrances, lab equipment, testing and regulatory solutions. The best represented nations among exhibitors were South Korea (62 exhibitors) and China (57), followed by Thailand (44), France (33) and Japan (31). The show also continues to attract new products and services year on year with 66 new exhibitors present in 2016.

Trends for 2017

Three major cosmetics trends which are driving substantial growth within the beauty and personal care market across APAC will be examined at this year’s in-cosmetics Asia exhibition. Natural extracts, facial masks and colour cosmetics will be highlighted as part of the ‘Spotlight on’ feature, enabling visitors to easily identify and learn about the latest developments in these highly popular sectors.

Aptly the world’s natural & organic personal care and cosmetic market is projected to reach $19.8 bn (Allied Market Research) by 2022, representing an annual growth rate of 10.2% from 2016 to 2022 and Asia Pacific is estimated to register the highest annual growth of 11.1% during this time. Meanwhile, the well-entrenched popularity of facial masks in APAC is spreading across the western world. The low unit price and instant hydrating properties have rendered them an essential part of the beauty routine for many years and the recent explosive K-beauty phenomenon has given facial masks a renewed push.

The third trend to be explored in detail at in-cosmetics Asia 2017 will be colour cosmetics. Euromonitor International anticipates that APAC will replace the US as the leading colour cosmetics region by 2020, while in India alone the colour cosmetics market is projected to grow by more than 20% by 2020 – driven by an increasing number of women entering the workplace and demanding products such as lipsticks, lip gloss, nail polish, eye liners and mascara.

Sarah Gibson, exhibition director at incosmetics Asia, commented: “We have chosen to specifically focus on these areas as the demand for these product types in Asia Pacific is positively booming. Google recently revealed ‘masking’ is the most searched-for skin care term globally and naturals and colour cosmetics continue to emain strong, dynamic growth markets. These three areas provide exciting product development opportunities to manufacturers and we will provide invaluable ingredients and informative insights to inspire future product design.”

Natural extracts

In order to help the region’s manufacturers source innovative new ingredients, the Spotlight on Natural Extracts area at in-cosmetics Asia will feature a number of suppliers including CLR, DOC Japan and many more that have sourced unique plant and marine extracts from 100% natural sources with distinctive applications in personal care products. Not only that, during a presentation in the Marketing Trends Theatre leading experts on natural products will highlight the latest consumer demands from Asia Pacific.

Facial masks

In the Spotlight on Facial Masks area, a dedicated product showcase area will feature active and functional ingredients for use in masks, as well as materials particularly suited to face and eye mask creation. In addition, a Marketing Trends presentation will be given by Senior Beauty and Personal Care Innovation and Insights Analyst at Mintel, who will examine the future growth opportunities for this category.

Colour cosmetics

Makeup has long been a staple of the cosmetic industry and, over the last few years, innovations in pigments and unique uses of colour have seen it become an increasingly important area of the market. In the event’s Spotlight on Colour Cosmetics area, R&D professionals will find an array of new technologies to try that will help them capitalise on the latest trends in lip colour and face makeup.

The format will remain the same, and produced with the same emphasis on quality. The book will feature contributions from the world’s leading ingredient manufacturers and suppliers, giving formulators an invaluable reference for creating the next wave of innovative hair products.

Formulation Lab

For R&D lab staff only, these free-to-attend, interactive training sessions will help attendees learn the secrets to create winning formulations, from personal care ingredient experts.

In 2016, visitors were trained by the likes of Ashland, Croda, Merck, Lipoid, Nikko Chemicals and more, in a purpose built fully equipped laboratory on the show floor.

Topics ranged from cleansing oils and scalp essences to hyaluronic acids and paraben-free preservative systems and creating phase inversion temperature (PI) emulsions.

During the session attendees will learn practical techniques from the lab teacher who will impart their formulation expertise; show how to achieve different outcomes using the same ingredient; provide helpful hints and tips; and give practical advice to help formulators develop unique solutions.

The exhibition

A & E Connock (Stand D89) will introduce Olixol, a new entrant to the personal care market which has established a novel, patented bio-manufacturing platform that enables continual production of natural plant based oils. Olixol requires no agricultural land, harvesting or crushing, very little water and is unaffected by weather conditions.

Olixol’s chief scientist, Dr Peter Whitton, developed the ground-breaking process, which requires merely a handful of nonGMO seeds from which the oil-producing cells are identified and removed. The cells are then cultivated using a proprietary medium and are fed sugar, light and air to produce oil, which is naturally separated from the cells without the use of high temperatures or chemicals. In contrast to conventional agri-cropping methods of oil production, the process offers quality consistency, continuous availability, cost stability and scalability.

Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) has been chosen as the launch oil for this pioneering technology and will be distributed by A & E Connock throughout Asia. Visit their stand for further information and to discuss specific requirements.

Driven by formulation expertise, measurement and consumer science, Ashland (Stand E10) brings differentiated and specialised ingredients to meet the market and consumer needs of today and tomorrow.

From sustainable, plant-based biofunctional actives that advance the efficacy of anti-ageing and skin health, to rheology modifiers that create functional and alluring textures, to multifunctional ingredients with substantiated benefits that transform the usability of your formulation, Ashland’s diverse product portfolio, chemistry toolbox and global team of solvers are here to help make their customer’s next formulation a success.

Learn more about Ashland’s latest innovations at Ashland booth E10, including but not limited to:

  • Serenityl biofunctional – providing solutions for skin detoxination
  • lFiberHance BM – strengthening hair from the inside
  • Antaron Sensory polymer – refining feel and water resistance
  • Lubrajel Marine hydrogel – bringing nature to sensory feel

Azelis’s (Stand M78) knowledge and experience in personal care is beyond skin deep: with people that have the technical expertise and market knowledge to advise formulators of the latest innovations.

Azelis aims to deliver high standards of service to principals and customers, while leveraging a strong knowledge base and technical expertise from Europe, Americas and Asia. The company provides sound advice and creative solutions for the development of new products, from concept to manufacture. Their solid global distribution network and ten dedicated application laboratories help with market dedicated teams to meet and exceed local demands.

Azelis’s vision as a global company is to build upon a regional approach to formulations in order to meet local requirements and extend those innovative efforts across all borders. Azelis’ success relies on both the business and technical excellence of its people and the high quality ingredients delivered by principals. Azelis has won the Personal Care Cosmetics Fountain Innovation Award 2017 at PCHi exhibition in Guangzhou, for the third year in a row. Visit Stand M78 to find out more.

Biocosmethic (Stand Q79) installed 4 beehives on the rooftops of its headquarters in Bonnelles, France, and has developed Bee’Ethic, a range of ingredientsdirectly coming from these beehives: horse chestnut honey extract, spring honey extract, propolis as well as royal jelly.

Vitadenia is an active ingredient that comes from Gardenia tahitensisstem cells. Vitadenia helps to preserve both youthful skin and Tahitian biodiversity. It helps to reinforce the skin’s barrier and reduce the signs of ageing.

Eco-Caps Triptonol Green helps to matify the skin and erase skin imperfections by significantly reducing the numbers of spots and blackheads. Due to its content in Manuka concentrate as well as in Salix alba bark extract, it offers potent antimicrobial activity and is ideal for oily skin.

Codif (Stand P70) will be launching Actibiome, which is a combination of different components designed to bring a variety of nutrients to ensure the biodiversity and homeostasis of the skin microbiota. This is a healthy and balanced diet for our microbiota.

In vivotests have shown that within 1 week, Actibiome reverses the disbalance induced by a temporary hectic period. Actibiome reverses 65% of genus previously disbalanced by stress vs 35% for placebo.

Actibiome reverses skin pH previously impacted by microbiota disbiosis, decreases redness, improves complexion homogeneity, making the skin healthier and more beautiful.

Coptis (Stand N51) will be featuring Coptis Tox, the new toxicology information database on substances available in Coptis Lab.

Coptis Lab, the software specifically designed for cosmetic formulation laboratories, enables the personal care industry to efficiently manage formulation, testing and regulatory compliance. Thanks to the new Coptis Tox database feature, Coptis Lab users will have access to toxicology information of more than 2000 substances.With Coptis Tox, Coptis Lab users will be able to:

Generate the toxicological profile on each substance accessing data such as DAp, NOAEL, LD50, skin sensitisation, dermal absorption etc, displayed in the Coptis Lab Substances datasheet for each formula.

Automatically calculate the Margin of Safety (MoS) for each ingredient of the formula to conduct the risk assessment characterisation.

For each information data, the source of the information is specified (Cosmetic Ingredient Review, International Journal of Toxicology, Scientific Committee on Cosmetology). Coptis Tox is available by subscription and is updated twice a year.

DOC Japan (Stand E36) is a Japan-based sensorial solution provider to the personal care industry offering performance-driven ingredients optimised for use in personal care products will showcase Docnatura ClearForest functional natural ingredients: P&N 100 which is essential oil and Extract 100 which is extract.

The products are from leaves of Sakhalin Fir (Botanical Name: Abies sachalinensis) called Todomatsu in Japanese, locally grown in Kushiro area in Hokkaido in Japan.

They are extracted by a patented novel eco-friendly extraction method.

Docnatura ClearForest P&N 100 contains quality natural volatile aroma compounds in Todomatsu having the main function of absorbing, coagulating and depositing particles of air pollution such as nitrogen dioxides and mitigating generation of PM2.5 from NO2 while helping consumers heal, calm and relax for the day and balancing mind, body and emotions.

Docnatura ClearForest Extract 100 contains no steam/water from outside and contains water only from leaves of Todomatsu. The product supports human physiological activity (hot bath effect, relaxation effect, menstrual pain relief, etc.)

DSM’sscientists have shown that blue light has the potential to damage all skin layers. Blue light induces oxidative stress in the skin through the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS). Oxidative stress triggers various adverse biological effects, including weakening of the epidermal barrier, hyperpigmentation, and damage to the extracellular matrix leading to accelerated ageing. At a deeper level, oxidative stress caused by blue light has been shown to trigger a process known as protein carbonylation. Carbonylated proteins in the skin lose their ability to function properly.

At the upcoming in-cosmetic Asia in Bangkok, extensive information of blue light will be presented in an engaging way. Visit DSM’s booth at L50 to experience the two effective formulations based on cutting edge technology for indoors and outdoors.

Smiling, squinting, pursing the lips… expression lines are the results of thousands of daily involuntary micro-contractions of the facial muscles. These fine lines start being visible around the age of 30 and will turn into deep wrinkles over the years. As they become more visible, the emotions they suggest can be misleading.

Gattefossé (Stand N15) have unveiled Gatuline Link n Lift, a brand new active ingredient, which has been developed especially for the eye contour area. Wrinkles around the eyes are visibly reduced and positive expressions are restored for a younger and fresher look.

Also, you can learn more about Gatuline Expression AF. Targeting expression lines, this ingredient offers now to smooth the skin around the lips and redesign the entire mouth contour. Gattefossé has chosen five emotional expressions and seeks to heighten their effects with innovative textures, to enrich and transform the daily beauty routine using a serum, a contour cream, a day cream, a lip ink and a beauty balm.

Givaudan Active Beauty (Stand L60) will reveal its latest natural cosmetic ingredients during in cosmetics Asia: exclusive botanical extracts, sustainable visual cues and new biofermented molecules.

Highlighting the extraordinary benefits of its proprietary extract from the unique resurrection plant (H. rhodopensis) which survived the ice age, the R&D and formulation experts have co-created a novel instant mask to delight Asian consumers. Inspired from the Korean Beauty Routine, this new mask texture can be tailored to the needs of today’s active women. Offering the choice between a gel or a cream base, this radiance enhancing mask gets activated on the face, delivering deep down the skin Unilucent HR-14, the most potent molecule of this resurrection plant. Clinically tested on volunteers, this China compliant active ingredient boosts skin radiance up to +243% versus placebo in less than one month, while firming skin (+144% skin elasticity) by acting on the genes involved in skin radiance.

Givaudan Active Beauty will also reveal its new line of 100% sustainable visual beads called “Natural Unispheres” made of plant cellulose and natural sugar.

IBR (Stand P60) develops, manufactures and markets innovative and proprietary natural active ingredients while embracing a sustainable approach – cultivating its sources for raw materials, working together with local farmers as well as choosing sustainable processing.

New at the show will be IBRClearlyBright – a combination of ingredients for skin lightening, whitening and antiageing benefits. It has been newly tested at extremely effective low dosage.

IBR-ClearlyBright is a multifunctional combination of actives with 1% each: IBRDormin, IBR-Snowflake & IBR-TCLC. Effectively and significantly lightens the skin tone, protects the skin, keeps skin younger and younger looking

IBR will continue this years’ feature with:

  • IBR-Snowflake: works like Botox on wrinkles and sweat reduction to leave skin feeling and looking smooth and flawless
  • IBR-Dragon, IBR phytoene and phytofluene (IBR-TCLC and IBR-CLC): Unique natural invisible sun activated pigments for immediate skin brightening/ lightening effects
  • Protection against pollution and sun: Multiple benefits and solutions: IBR-Pristinizer, IBR-Gapture and IBR-Phyto(flu)ene
  • IBR PhytoflORAL: a NutriCosmetics innovation for beauty from within. Clinically proven effects for skin lightening, and photo protection.

As will be shown at Stand number Q70, Ichimaru Pharcoshas developed a natural plant extract made from chardonnay grapes to maintain the biological clock in skin cells. The chardonnay extract has 100% sure traceability sourced from one of the best winery areas in Nagano, Japan.

Our body has rhythm in 24 hours, from the morning to the evening and during sleep. In terms of beauty, a healthy rhythm leads to skin better condition. However, a busy lifestyle, psychological stress, UV stress and ageing leads to disruption of our biological clock.

It is reported that clock genes, PERIOD and BMAL1, maintain moisturising and brightening skin in the day time and skin barrier function in the night time. One of Ichimaru Pharcos’s findings is that the disorderedbiological clock causes interruption of ceramide transportation in the night.

The company’s chardonnay extract enhances the clock genes and it is expected to promote moisturising and brightening skin in the day time and skin barrier function in the night by increasing ceramide transportation.

The Innovation Company/ Bestrawill be at the show on Stand G60. New for incosmetics Asia will be Thixolastic, a 2nd Dimension cosmetic technology that actually improves the skin modulus just upon application.

Also on show will be Focusomes, a 3rd Dimension vectorisation system with live in vivovideo tracking at the micron level of penetration in your skin type. Seeing Focusomes vectorise, allows better choice of actives for immediate skin enhancement.

Fiflow AQI, a 4th Dimension skin cleaning active (only active to clean the skin of the gas pollutants from poor Air Quality Index situations). The Innovation Company says that everybody knows that PM 2.5 is only a breathing issue, as 2.5 microns particles do not penetrate the dermis barrier. The 4th Dimension of Fiflow AQI is the “time factor of activity” within the dermis and epidermis, timed with precision, to 12 hours or more. Again in vivo, in situ analyses shows the 4th Dimension in skin care, “time factor of activity” or simply TFA.

Coming soon fromJeen International (Stand G70) are two new additions to its patented Jeesperse line of multifunctional emulsifiers. These two new ingredients are specifically targeted to skin and hair, respectively, and are 100% natural. The primary focus of these two new products is treatment and repair. The skin care ingredient is aimed at skin barrier function repair while the hair care ingredient is aimed at treating dry, damaged hair and its negative effects.

Jeen will also be introducing a siliconebased ingredient that provides superior hair conditioning and manageability, as well as skin conditioning and softness in a safe and mild system that is suitable for ultrasensitive skin and baby care formulations.

Kahl Wax (Stand M60) will be promoting Sunflower Hydrowax, an entirely hydrolysed sunflower seed wax. Due to the hydrolysis it is much more hydrophilic and polar than the regular wax. 6607H comes in light brown coloured pellets.

It is an outstanding co-emulsifier leading already at low concentrations (0.5–1.5%) to a very high viscosity in W/O emulsions. Used in O/W emulsions it forms a stabilising network supporting body, texture and substantivity. Sunflower Hydrowax can also be utilised as an opacifier for shampoos and in hair conditioning formulations as alternative to fatty alcohol. 6607H leads to a superb velvety skin-feel and is therefore an ideal choice for every cream or lotion. Recommended use level is 0.5–3%.

Also available is Supersoft Complex, an all-natural and vegan alternative to lanolin. It is a blend of natural waxes, oils and fatty alcohol. Recommended use level is similar to lanolin.

KLK Oleo (Stand J90) will be focusing on their new emollients – Palmester Pentaerythritol Tetraisostearate, Palmester Isopropyl Isostearate, Sympaten Trimethylolpropane Triisostearate, Sympaten Triisostearin, Sympaten Glyceryl Isostearate, Sympaten PEG-40 Sorbitan Perisostearate. These fatty ester emollients are ideal for heat sensitive personal care formulations; enabling superior odour and colour end-products; and exhibit excellent skin feel without feel of greasiness; widely used in the formulation of colour cosmetics, bath oil, skin and hair care.

KLK OLEO will also introduce its natural bioactive – DavosLife E3 Tocotrienol-Rich Fraction. DavosLife E3 is a more potent form of vitamin E, with antioxidantproperties up to 60 times more powerful than the common form of vitamin E, alphaTocopherol. DavosLife E3 is a natural antioxidant with excellent free-radical scavenging ability and anti-inflammatory properties. It plays important role as part of the barrier against skin moisture loss, prevents cellular ageing due to oxidative stress, aids in nourishing cells, strengthening capillary walls and protecting the skin from UV-induced damage caused by prolonged sun exposure and pollution.

Lipotrue (Stand J88) will show two active ingredients which perfectly fit in with Asian consumers’ beauty preferences and needs.

Our busy lifestyles leave us very little time to take care of ourselves. It is a must to be always ready, and our skin begs us for an on-the-go beauty touch. Sirtalice is a marine-derived ingredient from a microorganism collected at 3,400 m depth and 1.5ºC near Réunion Island, where coral barriers form shallow lagoons of turquoise waters. Sirtalice has arrived as a recharging freezing blast to strengthen and contract skin for a V-lifting effect in 30 minutes with long-lasting results.

Moreover, Lipotrue’s business development manager, PhD Silvia Pastor, will launch LipoTrue’s first peptide in the Innovation seminar on 31 October. Inspired by the powerful benefits of the green tea, the company has designed a peptide that helps to brighten skin complexion and protects it from UV/IR and pollution while repairing the damage.

Lucas Meyer (Stand N88) will feature Siligel, a natural gelling agent with amazing silicone-like skin feel. A patented optimised combination of phospholipids and polysaccharides, Siligel is easy to use (cold process, no pre-dispersion) and has an exceptional electrolyte tolerance (up to 20% NaCl), making it an ideal partner for formulations containing stressful ingredients. The versatility of Siligel leads to several applications either as a gelling agent, stabiliser, co-emulsifier, suspending agent, skin-feel enhancer as a substitute of silicones and it even has moisturising properties. Its natural origin with a sustainable green manufacturing process answers today’s demand for eco-friendly ingredients.

Siligel won the Bronze Award for the Innovation Zone Best Active Ingredient at in-cosmetics Global.

Capixyl, also from Lucas Meyer, is a biomimetic peptide combined with a red clover extract rich in Biochanin A providing a synergistic action on the improvement of the hair g rowth cycle. Capixyl reduces hair loss due a follicle miniaturisation by inhibiting 5-α reductase which modulates DHT and by reducing inflammation, and it improves ECM proteins integrity for optimal hair anchoring. On another hand, it activates hair follicle stem cells (HFSC) to improve hair follicle self-regeneration necessary for hair regrowth.

Capixyl provides outstanding clinical results on the hair density improvement, but also on eyelashes density and length. It is China-compliant and preservative free.

MamaChemis a distributor of personal care ingredients, with vast technical and commercial experience in the personal care industry and offer full customer support services. At this show, MamaChem introduce the world’s first ingredients from Horus, the Fermented Placenta Extract and Placenta Oil, for effective youth recovery action. The Pellicer as a natural emulsifier and Calipro Skin for emulsifier-free systems. Visit Stand R54 for more information.

Mibelle Biochemistry (Stand M10) will launch Depolluphane, a novel active ingredient to protect the skin from urban pollution. An organic cress sprout extract combined with a smart polysaccharide complex provides the skin with two lines of defence against pollution. First, it effectively shields the skin against particulate matter such as smoke and air pollution and secondly fortifies the skin’s own defence mechanism by activating detoxification enzymes in the skin. Depolluphane was shown to efficiently reduce harmful protein carbonylation in skin cells exposed to particulate matter. In a clinical study, Depolluphane reduced the adhesion of microparticles to the skin and facilitated their removal. Therefore, Depolluphane not only protects against environmental aggressors but strengthens the skin to easily face the daily stress of city life – two lines of defence to guard skin’s youthfulness.

According to Natura-Tec, the main mission of all Geen Chemistry activities is protection: protection of the environment, protection of human beings and, as regards the cosmetic industry, protection of our body while enhancing its natural beauty. Thanks to its natural Global Protection concept, Natura-Tec offers a range of ingredients ideally suited to help us meet the criteria of modern life on our planet

Nowadays more GMO and pesticides are used in crop cultivation with significant impact on industrial cultures of hive areas. To help preserve the bee population, a major player in the natural pollination process, Natura-Tec has invested in the sponsorship and protection of wild hives on the French Riviera and launched its new Natura-Tec Vegetable Beeswax. This 100% vegetable based product mimics perfectly the original animal derived Beeswax. Comparative tests have shown its efficacy and unique performance in emulsion, lipbalm and lipstick formulations.

Pollution is well known to have negative effects on human beings, including acceleration of the skin ageing process. To help protect us from this daily aggression Natura-Tec developed a new active shield against environmental pollutants: NaturaTec Marine CellShield AP. This marine derived active ingredient is based on a unique microalgae species: Pavlova lutheri. This high performing ingredient provides essential elements to the skin to allowing it to fight effectively against pollutants that generate cutaneous stress. This microalgae-based extract shows significant increase in cell viability both against indoor and outdoor dust.

Natura-Tec Plantsil is an excellent all natural and Cosmos approved silicone replacement with multifunctional performance in skin care, makeup, sun care and hair care applications. Its superior film forming and emollient properties also help to impart a protective function to cosmetic formulations which can effectively preserve our skin during application. In vivotests performed by Natura-Tec demonstrate its activity as an efficient make up remover while maintaining optimum skin condition.

Seppic (Stand P30A) launches Subligana, an active ingredient for anti-imperfection, anti-spot and flawless-looking complexion concepts related to oxidative stress, designed by Serdex, a subsidiary of Seppic since January 2017.

Subligana is a titrated extract of Harungana madagascariensisoriginated from the centre and east of Madagascar. It is considered by botanists as a ‘forest guard’. Traditionally, leaf decoctions are used against asthma and skin disorders and leaf juice is used for wound healing.

Subligana addresses blemished skins and acne-prone skins. An in-use test on teenagers presenting acne-prone skin showed a significant whitehead reduction versus placebo after 28 days. Subligana’s mechanism of action combines soothing effect (lipase inhibition, IL-10 and IL-12 regulation), antioxidant effect (protection against lipid peroxidation) and efficacy against Propionibacterium acnes.

Harungana madagascariensisleaves are collected under good collecting practices in the high plateaus area in Madagascar to ensure a repeatable and reliable phytochemical composition. Serdex has implemented a sustainable and ethical supply chain committed to the fair and equitable sharing of benefits under Nagoya Protocol.

Subligana is China compliant (IECIC listed) and Cosmos compliant. Because exposure to the sun speeds up the ageing of the skin – a dull, grey complexion, brown spots on the face, neck and hands Silab (Stand H71) offers additional efficacy data on Whitonyl, a natural active ingredient obtained from the red algae Palmaria palmata, which fights effectively the signs of photo-ageing.

As of 2007, Silab presented the targeted action of Whitonyl on melanocyte and its capacity to limit both the activity of tyrosinase and the melanogenesis (synthesis of melanin and transport/transfer of melanosomes) as well as to inhibit the synthesis of Stem Cell Factor (SCF). Thanks to new studies investigating the impact of the environment on melanogenesis, Silab demonstrates the capacity of Whitonyl to regulate two pathways not studied before:

  • The epigenome of melanocytes
  • The communication via keratinocyte exosomes.
    Its lightening, depigmenting activity is proved on the skin of Caucasian and Asian volunteers, with the increase of parameters L* (clarity of the skin) and ITA° (degree of pigmentation) and the reduction of parameter b* (yellow melanin pigmentation). With Whitonyl, the skin is uniform and light, the complexion brightens and brown spots are attenuated.

Obtained from a non-denaturing manufacturing process, Whitonyl (INCI name: Water & Palmaria palmata Extract) is a patented active ingredient available in aqueous solution (recommended amount: 1% to 4%) and in preservative-free powder (recommended amount: 0.1% to 1%), compliant with global cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, Japan, China).

Why attend in-cosmetics Asia 2017?

The APAC region is forecast to grow to around US$192 billion by 2021 at an annual growth rate of 5.52%, according to Euromonitor International. With more than 4 bn potential consumers spanning 48 countries, the markets in this region are abundant with opportunity.

Propelled by the unprecedented growth in the region over the past five years, in-cosmetics Asia 2017 is expected to be the largest edition in its history – uniting the entire APAC cosmetic industry. The 2017 event will provide personal care product manufacturers with a platform to source new ingredients and technologies, expand their networks, establish new partners and learn about predicted future trends. This year’s event will build on the success of last year’s event, which attracted cosmetic manufacturers from 77 countries across Asia Pacific.

Speaking about the 2016 event, Alice Lefebvre, R&D development chemist at L’Oréal Japan, said: “I came across a hugely diverse range of suppliers at in-cosmetics Asia that were completely new, and a wide array of ingredients not yet on my radar. I believe I have actually found solutions for my current R&D project – what a fantastic show!”

in-cosmetics Asia will take place from 31 October – 2 November 2017 at the BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand. Further information is available at

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