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The benefits and practical formulas of myrtle communis essential oil

The benefits and practical formulas of myrtle communis essential oil

By: Foreverest

Moroccan Myrtus communis essential oil is the representative essential oil of the oxide class, which has the functions of patting respiratory tract, dissolving mucus, improving bronchitis, reducing inflammation of urinary system, nourishing and repairing skin, etc.

myrtle tree

Appearance: transparent and reddish;

Main ingredients: eucalyptus, alpha pinene, myrtle acetate, terpinyl acetate;

Main functions: Patency of respiratory tract, digestion of mucus, improvement of bronchitis, urinary system anti-inflammatory, nourishing and repairing skin;

Contraindications: excessive use may irritate mucosal tissue.

Myrtle is a myrtle plant native to the Mediterranean coast. It is common in coastal and inland slopes of Italy. Traditional medicine has been applied.

Myrtle has ceremonial significance for many peoples. In Germany, for example, myrtle is a symbol of virginity, youth and beauty. The ancient Egyptians soaked the leaves of the myrtle tree in wine to reduce fever and prevent infection.

Myrtle essential oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and is effective against asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis and respiratory infections caused by colds. At the same time, it can also calm anxiety and tension, improve self-confidence, shy people can often use it as aromatherapy. It is a very mild essential oil, so it is also suitable for children to use in low dose dilution to deal with respiratory problems.

myrtle tree

*Benefits of Myrtle essential oil

1. Anti-bacterial, and so on

The main components of myrtle are eucalyptus, alpha pinene, myrtle acetate and terpinyl acetate, cineole is the main component of eucalyptus globulus (more than 70% of cineole in the eucalyptus globulus, which is the main effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients.) Myrtle essential oil contains certain ester, has pacified effect, also more gentle, so more suitable for young children to use. Myrtle essential oil with anti-bacteria, anti-spasm, dilute mucus, help mucus excretion and other effects, very suitable for dealing with respiratory problems. It can be used for cold, chest infection and other diseases auxiliary treatment and respiratory disease prevention. In addition, myrtle essential oils are used as preservatives, antiseptic and disinfectant.

2. Gentle, Relax the nerves

Myrtle is mild and unstimulating, and contains a large number of esters, giving myrtle essential oils a soft quality. So the use of the night does not have to worry about awake, can’t fall asleep. Instead, it eliminates imbalances and relaxes the nervous system.

3. Increase in metabolism

Myrtle wood is also good for skincare, can improve skin metabolism, help improve blood circulation and cells to get oxygen, nourish and soothe the skin, eliminate wrinkles, so do not have to worry about the irritation of daub on the skin.

4. Against pressure

Myrtle’s essential oil contains terpenes that boost adrenaline, the “hormone” that fights stress and strengthens the will to fight. It gives people the courage to talk to themselves, to know their true inner thoughts and to know themselves again.

5. Relieve sore hemorrhoid

In 2017, researchers found that myrtle pills were effective in reducing bleeding, bowel movements, itching and irritation that are often associated with hemorrhoids. Even patients with resistance to traditional creams or lotions respond well.

They suggest further research on myrtle essential oil as a way to alleviate the disease.


*A practical formula

1. For Breathe smoothly

3 drops of myrtle essential oil + 2 drops of lemon eucalyptus essential oil, drop in Aromatherapy device, 1 drop of essential oil every 5 square meters is recommended.

2. For Indoor purification

3 drops myrtle essential oil + 2 drops of juniper berry essential oil, drop in Aromatherapy device, 1 drop essential oil every 5 square meters is recommended.

3. Rhinitis, sore throat

4 drops of myrtle wood essential oil + 2 drops of Atlantic cedar essential oil + 2 drops of Ravensara leaves essential oil + 30ml of grapeseed oil, apply to forehead, temple, around the nose, behind the ear, throat wheel, chest and other parts, massage gently until absorbed. (Dilution ratio of essential oil for children: 0.5% for children under 1 year old, 1-2% for children 1-3 years old, 2-3% for children 3-6 years old)


1. Single essential oil is of high concentration and cannot be directly applied to the skin. It needs to be diluted and used in the base oil.

2. General people are applicable, essential oil allergy is not applicable. Low dose, sensitive muscle, hypertension epilepsy, pregnant women with caution.

3. When there is an open wound on the skin, do not directly smear on the affected part to avoid causing irritation.




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