Perillartine (CAS 30950-27-7)

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Perillartine is the oxime of perillaldehyde, which is extracted from plants of the genus Perilla.
Perillartine, also known as perillartin and perilla sugar, is a semisynthetic sweetener that is about 2000 times as sweet as sucrose.
Perillartine can activates the taste receptor type 1 member 2 (Tas1r2) subunit in a species-dependent manner.


1.Perillartine can obviously reduce the irritation, removing gas, flue gas becomes more soft and delicate, the aftertaste of pure comfort,Perillartine can significantly improve the quality of flue gas.
2.Perillartine can improve the quality grade of the cigarette without changing the tobacco leaf raw material, and Perillartine can use the lower tobacco leaf raw material under the premise of not changing the grade of the cigarette product.
3. Add Perillartine in cigarettes, cigarette cost increase very little, but the price of cigarette products increased with the increase of the quality of cigarette products. So that the cigarette factory to obtain obvious economic benefits.