Perillyl Alcohol (CAS 536-59-4)

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Perillyl Alcohol is a naturally occurring monoterpene related to limonene with antineoplastic activity.
Perillyl Alcoho industrially can be obtained by dehydration of β-epoxy-pinane into diol in the presence of mercury salts. or using beta pinene as raw material to produce perilla acetate, and then Perilla alcohol was synthesized by saponification.


1. It is used for imitation of citrus, vanilla, fruit flavoring, food excipient, and preservative of soy sauce.
2, organic synthesis of important intermediates, perillinol is the synthesis of perillinaldehyde, perillincapine and other key intermediates.
3. Synthetic plant production regulators, agricultural insecticides and insect antifeeding agents.
4. Perilla has unique medicinal effects and is used for organ transplantation, which can reduce the rejection of the allograft.
5. Perilla, as a monoterpene drug for the treatment and prevention of cancer, has broad-spectrum, high efficiency and low toxicity in the anti-cancer effect, and has unique therapeutic effects in the treatment of tumors, such as an ovarian tumor, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, etc.