Anisyl Alcohol (CAS 105-13-5)

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Anisyl alcohol is naturally found in vanilla oil and anise oil.
It appears colorless to pale yellow liquid while easy to crystallize. It has floral odor and the smell of anise and hawthorn.
Anisyl alcohol is prepared by the hydrogenation reaction of p-Methoxybenzafdehyde.

It is widely used in the flavor and fragrance formulation of daily chemical products.


1. used in perfumery, especially floral perfume
2. used as food additive
3. used as raw material to synthesize anisyl acetate
4. used in the fragrance formulation of daily chemical commodities


Appearance colorless or light yellow solid at room temperature
Refractive index 20 ° C, 1.5430-1.5450
Content 99% min