Beta Eudesmol (CAS 473-15-4)

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Beta eudesmol is a sesquiterpenoid alcohol isolated from Atractylodes lancea rhizome.
It appears colorless to pale yellow oil liquid.

Beta eudesmol has a variety of pharmacological activities and widely used in medicine.


1. used to treat angiogenic diseases
2. used to study biochemicals found in plants
3. may served as a potential anti-CCA candidate particularly when used in combination with conventional chemotherapeutics
4. used as medicine agent having sedative, analgesic, anti-electroconvulsive and anti-depressive effects
5. used for animal pharmaceuticals


Soluble in alcohol, water, 7.289 mg/L @ 25 °C (est)


  • Packed in drum of 180kgs net each


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Appearance Colorless to pale yellow oil liquid
Odor With an odor midway between the odor of clove and turpentine
Refractive Index 1.498 ~ 1.504
Relative Density 0.897 ~ 0.910
Purity 95% min