L-Carvone(CAS 6485-40-1)

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Carvone naturally occurs in many essential oils. It has two optical isomers, L-carvone and D-carvone.

L-carvone is abundant in all kinds of spearmintessential oil, and D-carvone is abundant in caraway oil.

L-carvone appears colorless to lightly yellow clear liquid.

It is mainly used for the preparation of peppermint flavor of food and fragrance formulation of daily chemicals.


1. used in perfumery
2. used in the fragrance formulation of daily commodities, especially in toothpaste, soaps and detergents
3. used in food and beverage flavor, especially in chewing gum and sugar
4. used as active ingredient in insecticide


  • Packed in 200kgs epoxy-lined steel drums


store in cool, dry place in tightly sealed containers, protected from heat and light


Appearance Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid
Specific Gravity @ 25.00 °C 0.95600 to 0.96000
Refractive Index @ 20.00 °C 1.49500 to 1.49900
Optical Rotation -62.00 to -57.00
Purity 99%min