Citral (CAS 5392-40-5)

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Natural Citral is naturally found in lemon grass oil (70% to 80%) and litsea cubeba oil (about 70%).

It appears liquid with strong lemon odor.

The natural citral is obtained by the vacuum distillation process of the lemon grass oil or litsea cubeba oil.

Natural Citral is mainly used in flavoring.


1. used to prepare fruit flavors such as strawberries, apples, apricots, oranges, and lemons
2. used in fragrance, artificially formulated essential oils of lemon oil, bergamot oil and orange leaf oil.
3. used as raw material for synthesizing ionones, methyl ionones and Vitamin A.
4. used to cover up the bad odor in industrial production.
5.used for ginger, lemon, lime, sweet orange, round pomelo, apple, cherry, grape, strawberry and spicy flavors.
6. Wine flavors can also be used.


  • Packed in steel drums of 170kgs net each