L-Citronellol (CAS 7540-51-4)

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L-Citronellol is a citronellol that is oct-6-ene substituted by a hydroxy group at position 1 and methyl groups at positions 3 and 7 (the 3S-enantiomer).

It is an enantiomer of a (R)-(+)-citronellol.


1. used in alcoholic fine fragrances
2. widely used in many perfume composition that gives a clean, fresh, and natural rosy note to fragrance
3. used as fabric softeners
4. used as antiperspirant
5. used in detergents


Soluble in: alcohol, water, 105.5 mg/L @ 25 °C (est);
Insoluble in: water


Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Odor floral, fresh, rose
Assay 98% min
Optical Rotation -5.50 to -3.50