Citronellyl Acetate (CAS 67601-05-2)

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Citronellyl acetate is a monoterpenoid.

It is the acetate ester of citronellol and naturally found in citriodora oil and Citronella oil.

Citronellyl acetate is industirally prepared by the esterification of Citronellol with Acetic Anhydride.

It is extensively used in perfumery and fragrance.


1.extensively used in perfumery, giving a fresh-rosy, fruity odor to many floral compositions from geranium to muguet
2. small amount used in the formulation of apple, lemon, almond and banana flavor
3. used as the ingredient in pesticide
4. used as mosquito repellent
5. used as fragrance in soaps


Soluble in: alcohol, fixed oils, paraffin oil water, 5.686 mg/L @ 25 °C (est); Insoluble in: propylene glycol, glycerin

Rose-like character with green, leafy, pear undertones


  • Packed in 180kg galvanized drum


Appearance Colorless clear liquid with rose-like character
Acid Value 1.00 max. KOH/g
Purity 98% min