Citronellyl Formate (CAS 105-85-1 )

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Citronellyl Formate is a light yellow transparent liquid with sweet rose, myrcia aroma and slightly with lemon, cucumber and other fresh green fragrance. It is found in geranium oil and is obtained by esterification of formic acid and citronol. It can also be extracted from citronella essential oil, Mexican cypress, bourbon rose and other natural materials. It’s widely used in a variety of flower fragrance daily flavor and apple, sweet orange, peach, plum and other edible flavors.


1. used as flavoring and fragrance
2. used as intermediate in pharmaceutical industry
3. used as food additive for fruity, peach, berry and apple flavors


  • Packing in 25kg galvanized iron drum


Keep in cool and dry place


Appearance: A colorless transparent liquid oily shape
Odor: Strong fruity and floral odor
Purity: 92% min