L-Borneol (CAS 464-45-9)

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L-Borneol also call as Mei Slice, is the crystallization of fresh branch and leaf of Typus physiologies Cinnanloni through distillation of water vapor.

L Borneol is a white crystalline powder or flake crystal.
Air scent, spicy, cool, a volatile, light smoke when the flame yellow.  Soluble in ethanol, chloroform or ether.Almost insoluble in water.


1.used in medicine for fever, coma, syncope with convulsion, stroke sputum Jue, shocked fans epilepsy sputum, Houbi tooth pain, oral ulcers carbuncle ulcers, red eyes 2.used for frgrance of soaps
3.used in aromatherapy


• L-Borneol has been used to study its antiapoptotic, antioxidative and neuroprotective effect in human neuroblastoma cells.
• Making the mind clear, promoting blood circulation removing blood stasis;
• Sterilization, Clearing away heat to and alleviating pain;
• L-borneolum ( AiPian ) could prevent corrosion or mould, make the fresh days longer


  • Packing in 25kg double layers plastic bags inside drum


1. Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container and in ventilated area.
2. Kept away from moisture and strong sun light or high temperature


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Appearance white crystalline powder or flake crystal
Melting point 204 ~ 209 °C
D-borneol (C10H18O) 95% min
Ratio of rotation -34 ° ~ -39 °