Ethylvanillin (CAS 121-32-4)

Products & Informations

Ethyl vanillin, also called as Ethylvanillin, appears white to off-white fine crystalline powder.It has similar but stronger scent than vanillin.

Ethylvanillin is prepared from catechol, beginning with ethylation to give guethol.

Ethylvanillin is used in the formulation fragrance and flavor.


1. used as aromas & perfumes in the production of chocolate
2. used in as intermediate in pharmaceutical industry
3. used in cosmetics
4. used as ingredient in agriculture/animal feed
5. used in the flavor formulation of food and beverage


  • Packed in 25KG fiber drums


Appearance White to off-white fine crystalline powder
Odor Similar to vanilla beans, stronger than vanillin
Purity 99%min