Geraniol Natural (CAS 106-24-1)

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Geraniol is naturally found in more than 200 kinds of essential oils, including geranium oil ,Citronella oil, East-Indian geranium oil and rose oil, etc.

It can be obtained by distillation of the natural oil. And it can also be prepared by beta- pinene through series of reactions.

In addition to being directly used as perfume raw materials, geraniol can also be used to produce many esters and other valuable synthetic perfumes.

Geraniol and Nerol are geometrical isomers.


1. widely used in floral fragrance of daily commodities
2. used in food flavors, such as apple, strawberry, cinnamon and ginger flavor types
3. used as main ingredient agent for rose series fragrance
4. used as sweetener of food and beverage
5. used as raw materials for preparing of vanilla alcohol, vanillin, citral, ionone and vitamin A
6. used in agriculture, having anti-bacterial and fungal effects. The minimum inhibitory concentration of Psoriasis tenuis and Microsporum odoanum is 0.39 mg/ml.
7. used in the preparation of medicine for treating chronic bronchitis, improving the pulmonary ventilation function and reducing airway resistance
8. used as natural pest control agent




  • Packing in 180kg iron drum net each