Heliotropin (CAS 120-57-0)

Products & Informations

Heliotropin is also known as piperonal.

It is naturally found in various plants,including dill, vanilla, violet flowers, and black pepper,etc.

It appears white crystalline powder with cherry-like odor.

Heliotropin can be prepared by oxidizing isosafrole.

It is widely used in the fragrance formulation of soaps, perfumes and cosmetics.


1. used as raw material for synthesizing fine chemical products, such as 2-Methyl-3-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)propanal, piperonyl acetone, and jasmine
2. widely used as pharmaceutical intermediate, such as berberine, sesamol and pyrethrum
3. used for direct preparation of insecticides
4. used in the blending of various fragrance, such as the fragrance of cosmetics, indoor deodorant and daily chemicals
5. used in the flavor of food and beverage
6. used as a brightener for nickel plating in electroplating industry