Ionone Alpha (CAS 127-41-3)

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The ionones are a series of closely related chemical substances. They are part of rose ketones, which also include damascones and damascenones. Ionones are aroma compounds naturally found in essential oils, including rose oil.
α-ionone is prepared by the cyclization of pseudoionone. It is widely used in the fragrance of daily chemical products.
The ionones are related to irone, C14H22O which occurs in the oil obtained from the orris root.


1. used in many floral fragrance, such as rose, woody, amber, balsamic and powdery fragrance, playing the role of modifying, sweetening and enhancing the fragrance of flowers
2. used in the fragrance formulation of daily commodities
3. used for the synthesis of a new high-grade tobacco flavor called megastigmatrienone
4. used as alcohol flavor


Odor: sweet woody floral violet orris tropical fruity
Solubility: Alcohol, glycol, fixed oils, paraffin oil


  • Packing in 180kg galvanized drum


Appearance Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid
Odor sweet woody floral violet orris tropical fruity
Purity 70% min