Isoeugenol (CAS 97-54-1)

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Isoeugenol is a pale yellow oily liquid with a spice-clove odor. Occurs in ylang-ylang oil and other essential oils.
Isoeugenol is a phenylpropanoid that is an isomer of eugenol and KOH. It derives from a guaiacol.


1. Used as inhibitors of lipid peroxidation and as free radicals scavenger.
2. Used in manufacture of vanillin; perfumes; flavoring; fragrance in perfumery, over-the-counter medicines, dental materials, foods; some perfumery uses (soap gardenia; coffee; abronea; tuberose; jonquil); natural occurrence (nutmeg oil).
3. Used in carnation, rose, lilac, yilan and other floral flavor as a deodorant


  • Packing in 180kg drum


Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.Keep away from fire and heat.Prevent direct sunlight.Keep container sealed and keep out of contact with air.