Methyl Cedryl Ether(19870-74-7)

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Methyl Cedryl Ether is a very nice ambery cedarwood substitute – a low cost alternative to the more costly synthetic ambergris forms – very widely used and particularly effective combined with the related Vertofix. Has both fixative and diffusive effects.


1.used in the fragrance of perfume
2.used in cosmetic and toilet soap essences
3.used as solvent
4.used as intermediate in medicine production


  • Packing in 100kg or 200kg iron drum net each


Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid
Odor Woody note with ambergris
Content, GLC 97% min
Relative Density, d25/25 0.940-0.980
Refractive Index, n20/D 1.4960-1.4990