Methyl Cinnamate (CAS 103-26-4)

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Methyl Cinnamate also call as Methyl 3-phenylacrylate, it is the methyl ester of cinnamic acid. It is white to light yellow crystals with fruity odor.

Methyl cinnamate is found naturally in the essential oils of Alpinia, Basil Leaf Oil, Longevity Flower Oil, etc. Methyl cinnamate is also can be prepared by esterification of cinnamic acid with methanol.

Methyl cinnamate is mainly used in the flavor and perfume industries.


1. widely used in perfumery, imparting power and sweet-fruity odor
2. used in food flavoring, mainly used in fruity flavor, such as strawberry, cherry, grape flavor
3. used as pharmaceutical intermediate


Solubility: Soluble in alcohol, dipropylene glycol, fixed oils, paraffin oil


  • Packing in 25kg paper drum


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