Methyl Cyclopentenolone (CAS 765-70-8)

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Methyl Cyclopentenolone (MCP) has strong caramel aroma, can be used for flavor and sweetness enhance.

MCP can improve the sensitivity of human taste and olfactory cells on the aroma, this is the so-called Maillard effect. Therefore, not only the MCP itself has a pleasant sweet smell, and the food and tobacco products with good increase effect of perfume.


1. Used as flavoring agent to prepare the flavors of maple, smoked, cream, hard candy and apricot
2. Used as fixative in coffee and tobacco
3. Used as edulcorant in beverage, for walnuts, maple, caramel. coffee, syrup, rum sugar, cream, soup seasoning, ice cream, cookies, candy, beberage, bakery and wine
4. Used in the fragrance formulation of daily commodities, such as soaps, detergent and toothpaste
5. Used as fragrance in cosmetics


Easy to sublimation, high temperature easy to break down. Long exposed in the air, easy to oxidize gradually turn yellow.
Hygienic standard Chinese “food additives” (GB2760-2003) provisions to allow the use of edible spices.


  • Packing in 25kg paper drum


Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.


Appearance White to pale yellow crystalline powder
Odor Licorice, Nutty
Purity 99%