Methyl Heptenone (CAS 110-93-0)

Products & Informations

Methyl Heptenone is a colorless to pale yellow, clear liquid with a medium, citrus, fruity odor.

This product is used as a fragrance additive in apple, blueberry, lemon, lime, peach, pineapple, banana, and citrus fragrances, as well as a flavor additive in carrot, tomato, and nut flavors.


1.used in apple, apricot, banana, berry, citrus, cranberry, grape, guava, pear, passion fruit, quince, tea, tomato, tobacco, rose and spearmint flavors
2.used to provide a natural green freshness to agrestic or hesperidian top notes
3. used as an intermediate for the synthesis of linalool, pseudoionone and Citral
4. used as important pharmaceutical intermediates
5. used in the fragrance formulation of daily commodities, such as soaps, detergents


Soluble in methanol and chloroform


Appearance colorless to pale yellow clear liquid
Odor citrus
Assay 97%