Musk Ketone (CAS 81-14-1)

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Musk ketone is a nitro musk that appears white to yellowish crystal. It is also known as synthetic musk and white musk in the perfumery industry. Musk ketone can be obtained by the nitration of the corresponding benzene derivative. It is widely used in fragrance formulation.


1.mainly used in frgrance formulation
2.used in daily and industrial flavor
3. used as pharmaceutical intermediate
4. used as fixative in some daily used products


There are elegant, full-bodied muskiness aroma, with natural Musk Fragrance incense rhyme, and accompanied by powder flavor, gentle aroma.


  • Packing in galvanized iron drum of 50kgs net each


Appearance White to yellowish crystal
Melting point(℃) 134.5-135.5
Content of Xylene <0.8% & <0.1%