Styralyl Acetate (CAS 93-92-5)

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Styralyl acetate is is found in cloves.

It is obtained by direct esterification of acetic acid and methylphenylmethanol in an azeotropic state.

It is widely used in food flavoring.


1.used as an important spice for the preparation of gardenia and tuberose 2.used for the fragrance formulation of jasmine, hyacinth, lily of the valley, lilac, magnolia 3.widely used in food flavor


Storage conditions: Store below +30°C


Appearance colorless transparent liquid
Aroma: a sweet, strong leafy green scent, also like the fragrance of gardenia, with a hot and sour, green berry aroma
Density 20/20 ° C, 1.0200-1.0350 g/mL
Refractive index 20 ° C, 1.4920-1.5040
Ester content 98% min