Watermelone Ketone (CAS 28940-11-6)

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Watermelon Ketone, also known as calone or methylbenodioxepinone is a hydrocarbon compound with similar structure of certain alicyclic C11-hydrocarbons such as ectocarpene. It is a flavor and fragrance chemical compound with special odorant.
The material is prepared by etherification of 4-methylpyrocatechol with two equivalents of alkyl 2-bromoacetate and subsequentDieckmann condensation followed by hydrolysis and decarboxylation.


It can promote fragrance of medicine, food & washing products.
It’s used as ocean fragrant essence, it’s the pink of ocean fragrance.
It is used to create fresh aquatic marine notes in perfume oils for many applications, for example, for fine fragrances, soaps, and shower gels.


It was used as a scent component since the 1980s for its watery, fresh, ozone accords. It was later supplemented into several perfumes of the marine trend, beginning in the 1990s.


Store in cool, dry place in tightly sealed containers, protected from heat and light.


Appearance White crystal
Odor Similar to the sea water &watermelon
Assay by GC 99% min