Wood Tar Oil (CAS 8011-48-1)

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Pine tar, also call as wood tar or wood tar oil, is a brownish to dark brown viscous liquid.

Foreverest supply wood tar oil (pine tar) for over 20years, the tar oil is prepared by the high temperature carbonization of pine wood under anoxic conditions.

Wood tar oil can be used for impregnating marine cables, rubber plasticizers, caulking rubber and medicine after dehydration or distillation


Foreverest pine tar (wood tar oil) has been used for many industry as follows:
1. used as surface treatment of wooden, shingle roofs, boats (mainly in European country)
2. used as treatment of horse hooves etc (been used in American and mideast area)
3. used in construction material and special paints (mainly in European country)
4. used in the softening solvent in rubber industry (domestic and southeast Asia)
5. used as wood preservation
6. used in pharmaceuticals industry for stomach and skin disease (Japan and southeast Asia)
7. used in soaps
8. used to produce by-products such as creosote oil and guaiacol after distillation.


  • Packing in 200kg iron drum


Appearance deep brown, sticky
Viscosity S (100ml,85℃) 300-400
Density D20/4 1.01-1.06