Agar (CAS 9002-18-0)

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Agar, also called agar-agar, gelatin-like product made primarily from the red algae Gelidium and Gracilaria (division Rhodophyta).
Agar is isolated from the algae as an amorphous and translucent product, such as powder, flakes, or bricks.
Agar occurs as a complex cell-wall constituent containing the polysaccharide agarose with sulfate and calcium.


1. used as a solidifying component of bacteriological culture media,
2. used in canning meat, fish, and poultry;
3. used in cosmetics, medicines, and dentistry;
4. used as a clarifying agent in brewing and wine making;
5. used as a thickening agent in ice cream, pastries, desserts, and salad dressings;
6. used as a wire-drawing lubricant.


  • Packing in 25kg carton


Appearance: milky or yellowish fine powder
GEL Strength: 900g/㎝² min
Loss on Drying: 12% max

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