Modified Rosin FRD685H

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Modified rosin is colorless hydrogenated rosin derivative. Used as a tackifier in high-grade hot-melt and acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives.
It offers compatibility with many kinds of polymers, superior thermal stability, and weatherability.  Possesses low metal impurities. Possesses high acid number.


1.Used in lead-free solder paste, especially used in heavy density lead-free solder paste
2.Used in adhesives and inks, increased adhesion.


1. low odor, non-crystallized, heat resistant oxidation, no pungent smell, good transparency
2. Excellent solderability
3. Good reheological, excellent wettability.
4. With good compatibility and solubility, dissolved in alcohol-based solvents


  • Packing in 25kg paper bag net each