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Terpineol Electric

Terpineol Electric Grade is specially designed as a cleaning agent. It has ultra-low moisture content and special removing flux solder from the printed circuit board surface.


There are two sources, one is natural distilled from tree extract, another kinds of Alpha terpineol is isolated from essential oil. Alpha terpineol is widely used as a basic component in lilac, lime and flavors. Alpha terpineol can also be used as raw material for the synthesis of other aroma chemicals.
Alpha terpineol is obtained industrially by dehydration of terpin hydrate or by direct hydration of the terpene hydrocarbons contained in turpentine oil. When obtained synthetically, it also contains the isomers β-and-γ-terpineol.

Terpineol (CAS 8000-41-7)

Perfumery Grade Terpineol is colorless liquid with natural lilac odor. It is specially used in fragrance of daily chemical products. It is suitable for floral aromatherapy formulas such as acacia, lily of the valley, lily, orange blossom and lilac.


Terpineol MU Grade, a synthetic compound of monoterpene alcohol, which is derived from the hydration of alpha-Pinene or Gum Turpentine. There are three isomers, alpha-Terpineol, beta-,Terpineol and gamma-Terpineol, the last two differing only by the location of the double bond. Terpineol is usually a mixture of these isomers with alpha-Terpineol as the major constituent.

MU Grade is specialty used for industrial application and medical formulation. It is widely used for solvent for ethylcellulose, plasticizer for epoxy resin and fragrance synthetics.

The α-Terpineol is mainly effected as medical uses on S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, E. coli and C. albicans. According as the research report that when MU Grade is sprayed on human skin for 2 min, can kill 98.46% of germs. 1

1 Experimental Observation on Disinfection Property of Compound Terpineol Skin – Disinfection Solution, 2006


Terpineol is naturally found in pine oil, lavender oil, orange leaf oil, neroli oil and other plant oils. α-terpineol, β-terpineol, γ-terpineol, and terpinen-4-ol are four isomers of terpineol. α-terpineol is the major component.
Terpineol is a viscous liquid with pine like and clove like odor, but is easy to crystallize.
There are two methods for preparing terpineol. The two-step preparation process is to use α-pinene as raw material to produce terpineol through hydration under acidic conditions. The one-step method is to directly prepare terpineol by hydration reaction.
Terpineol is widely used in fragrance formulation, especially in soaps and synthetic detergents.

85% Terpineol has high purity can kill germs and is used as a disinfectant in cleaning formulas. Click to learn about cleaning solution.