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Cajeput Oil (CAS 8008-98-8)

Cajeput oil is produced by steam distillation of fresh leaves and twigs of the cajeput tree (Melaleuca leucadendra). Cajeput oil contains higher concentrations of 1,8 cineole(Eucalyptol), limonene and alpha-terpineol.
It is used in food and as a medicine.

Cajeput Oil Composition vs. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oils are extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia while cajeput is from Melaleuca Cajuputi or Melaleuca Leucadendra ( var. cajuputi).
Cajeput contains higher concentrations of 1,8 Cineole (Eucalyptol), limonene and alpha-Terpineol. Tea tree oil contains more Terpinen-4-ol and gamma-Terpinene. Therefore, cajeput has some properties similar to those found in Eucalyptus (from the Eucalyptol) and Lemon (from the limonene).

Compound makeup of Cajeput Oil:
1,8-Cineole 44.8%– 60.2%
Alpha-Terpineol 5.9%– 12.5%
Limonene 4.5%– 8.9%
Beta-Caryophyllene 3.8%– 7.6%

Compounds makeup of Tea Tree Oil:
Terpinen-4-ol 37.0%– 46.9%
Gamma-Terpinene 10.0%– 28.0%
1,8-Cineole 3.0%– 3.6%
Para-Cymene 0.5%– 12.0%
Alpha-Terpinene 7.9%– 10.4%