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Methyl Cedryl Ketone (CAS 32388-55-9)

Acetyl Cedrene is also called Methyl Cedryl Ketone.

It is a colorless liquid with strong woody odor.

Foreverest™ Methyl Cedryl Ketone (Acetyl Cedrene) is prepared by the ethyl esterification of alpha-cedrene.

It is widely used in the fragrance formulation, such as in the fragrance of perfumes, soaps, and cosmetics

Acetyl Cedrene

Acetyl cedrene (Methyl cedryl ketone) extracted from natural wood oil, odor has full bodied wood scented such as Ambergris.

It made from Cedrene,  with Alpha-Cedrene (40%~50%), Beta-Cedrene (5%~15%) and Thujopsene (40%~50%).  After processed acetylation, generated Ketone I and Ketone II (United States Patent: 3678119, J.Org.Chem, 1972, 37 “1”, 6).

Acetyl cedrene is one of bulk fragrance materials which annual production over 2000 tons in the world. It has widely used as fragrance (less than 20% in the formulations) in perfumes, cosmetics and soaps.