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Tea Polyphenol

Tea Polyphenol is naturally found in tea. It appears pale yellow powder with the odor of tea. Flavanols (catechins) accounted for about 70% of total tea polyphenols. It is one of the main components to form the color, fragrance and taste of tea. Tea Polyphenol has the function of preventing radioactive substances from invading the bone marrow.

Polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins and EGCG are powerful antioxidants that appear to interfere with and reduce the spread of certain types of cancer cells. The antioxidant activity of EGCG in green tea extract is purportedly up to 100 times more powerful than that of vitamin C or E.

  • Eliminating free radicals
  • Anti-Aging
  • Radioresistance
  • Inhibiting cancer cell
  • Antibacterium, sterilization and deodorization