Iso Cyclemone E (CAS 54464-57-2)

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Iso Cyclemone E is mixture of three isomers, which is a synthetic woody odorant. It is colorless to pale yellow liquid with woody odor.

Iso Cyclemone E is prepared by the diene addition reaction and cyclization reaction of myrcene and 3-METHYL-3-PENTEN-2-OL.

Iso Cyclemone E is widely used in the preparation of fragrances.


1. used as a very common perfume ingredient, providing a sandalwood-like and cedarwood-like fragrance in soaps, shampoo, detergents, and air fresheners, etc
2. used as a long lasting tobacco flavoring
3. used as a plasticizer
4. used as a precursor for the delivery of organoleptic and antimicrobial compounds


  • Packing in 200kg epoxy-lined steel drum


Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated areas and out of direct light


Appearance colorless to pale yellow liquid
Aroma Approximate natural ambergris, amber and woody aromas for a long-lasting aroma
Relative density 0.960 ~ 0.966 g / cm3
Refractive index 1.498~1.500
Content 90% min