Foreverest™ Specialty Rosin Resins are specialty applied on printing inks, road marking coatings, fruits fresh keeping agent, vacuum plating and other industrial application. According the different of industry, we offer gum rosin modified resin solutions. ( Learn about our OEM service ) This natural resin series cover a broad range temperatures and acid values with excellent of solvent compatibility.


Modified Rosin Family

Foreverest™ Modified Rosins
Foreverest™ Rosin Esters
Foreverest™ Modified Rosin Phenolic Resins

Alcohol Soluble Rosin Resin

FR-130AP   FR-130BP   FR-140AP   FR-140BP

Modified Rosin

FFKA130      FFKA150      FFKA160

Road Marking Resins


Vacuum Plating Resin