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New Ingredients for Household Cleaners

New Ingredients for Household Cleaners

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Clariant International Ltd.


TexCare SRN 260
Description: Nonionic soil release polymer
Applications: Laundry detergents
Use levels: 0.5-1.0%
Comments: TexCare SRN 260 is a multifunctional polymer offering proven market-leading fabric protection combined with highly effective, low-temperature capabilities to liquid detergents. TexCare enables the consumer to dose less detergent, use less water as a result, and, at the same time, take advantage of energy savings due to its outstanding cleaning at low temperatures. Clothes are less prone to graying and can benefit from a more pleasant feel. It is ideal for cold wash formulations for mixed fiber clothing. TexCare SRN 260 has been designated with Clariant’s EcoTain label in recognition of its reduced environmental impact and overall sustainability benefits.

GlucoPure Sun
Description: blend of oleyl glucamide
Applications: Hand dishwashing liquids
Use levels: Depends on the dishwashing formulation. As a co-surfactant, 2-10%.
Comments: GlucoPure Sun adds the benefits of sunflower oil to Clariant’s range of GlucoPure sugar-based surfactants for the first time. Based on EU-sourced sunflower oil, the GlucoPure Sun blend significantly increases the cleaning performance of detergents and allows for milder formulations that are ideal for hand dishwashing products. Oleyl glucamide, its main component, has a renewable carbon index (RCI) of 96%. GlucoPure Sun was designated with Clariant’s EcoTain label in recognition of its reduced environmental impact and overall sustainability benefits.



Diversaclean NC
Description: Nonionic/cationic surfactant blend
Applications: A nonionic/cationic blend for household and I&I cleaning formulations
Use levels: 1-10%
Comments: Excellent cleaning performance on tough greasy soils; fast wetting and readily biodegradable.

Diversaclean CS
Description: Nonionic surfactant blend
Applications: An APG/nonionic surfactant blend that is stable in high pH systems and can be used in both I&I and consumer formulations
Use levels: 1-10%
Comments: >50% bio based; provides the caustic stable benefits of APG with a powerful cleaning boost, fast wetting and rapid soil removal; readily biodegradable.

Crodastat 400
Description: Nonionic, water-soluble liquid
Applications: A performance additive for hard surface cleaners that provides anti-static benefit to the surface after use.
Use levels: 0.2-1.0%
Comments: Provides powerful anti-stat performance to a variety of surfaces at low inclusion levels. Compatible in nearly all formulation types and readily biodegradable.

Evonik Corporation


Rewocare ASM 40 (for North America) Rewocare GSM 42 (for other regions)
Description: Microemulsion based on a specialty siloxane derivative
Applications: Multifunctional performance boosters for traditional fabric softeners. Use levels: Typically 0.75% or less
Comments: The low-level addition of Rewocare ASM 40 boosts the performance of fabric conditioners, even after reducing the quat in the formulation. With Rewocare microemulsions, softening ability can increase on the order of 15 to 20%, leaving fabrics feeling silky and luxurious. Superior conditioning helps fibers stand up to laundering, so clothes and fabrics not only feel softer when they come out of the dryer, but look better and may need little or no ironing. Less ironing means less energy and may help clothes last longer.

Rewocare microemulsions can also greatly improve fragrance retention on fabrics. Fragrance is an indicator of freshness and quality, and can help consumers remember brands. The new microemulsions are produced using a safe and effective proprietary process that virtually eliminates cyclic siloxanes. Both can be formulated at room temperature and deliver similar multifunctional performance.

Rewoquat WE 45
Description: A biodegradable TEA esterquat Applications: For rinse-cycle fabric softeners used in consumer and commercial washers Use levels: 5 to 20% Comments: Available with a high flash solvent and vegetable-based feedstock, liquid-at-room temperature Rewoquat WE 45 exhibits a pleasant and soft hand, good rewet, and a noticeably reduced static charge. Fabrics treated with Rewoquat WE 45 show a significantly reduced drying time.

Rewoquat WE 45 imparts good softness to fabrics and textiles without adversely affecting the fabric’s ability to absorb water. Rewoquat WE 45 is designed to be handled with minimal heating. Dispersions up to 20% can be readily prepared at ambient conditions. Rewoquat WE 45 be mixed thoroughly before use. It imparts good antistatic properties to cotton and synthetic fabrics. The active component is readily biodegradable according to OECD 301B.

Fitz Chem Corporation


Vertec Biosolvents Citrus EG
Description: Low-cost d-Limonene alternative Applications: Wipe cleaning of metal paint/grafitti removal petroleum industry cleaning, industrial and janitorial cleaning.

Perlite 270P/400P/800P
Description: Calcium carbonate
Applications: scrub agent for hand cleansing

Description: Ethoxylated C9-C16 monomethyl ether Applications: Use in water-based low VOC cleaners as a full or partial replacement for alcohol and glycol ether solvents. Replace or enhance performance of standard nonionic surfactants. Use levels: Starting usage level of 1/10-1/4%; increase as required.
Comments: 100% active modified biodegradable surfactant with excellent aqueous cleaning and degreasing performance. Cloud point of 42-46°C yet is also oil and solvent soluble. Surface tension of 28.1 dynes/cm @ .1% aqueous.

Harcros Chemicals Inc.


T-Det A 267 NR
Description: Alcohol ethoxylate
Applications: Laundry detergents; hard surface cleaners and all-purpose cleaners
Comments: T-Det A 267 NR is a fatty alcohol ethoxylate produced using Harcros’ patented Narrow Range Ethoxylation Technology. Its cloud point and solubility make it suitable for use in a wide variety of products including hard surface cleaners, laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaners.

H-Quest C-100
Description: Sodium glucoheptonate
Applications: Concrete additive alkaline metal cleaning metal finishing heavy-duty metal cleaner alkaline bottle cleaner
Comments: H-Quest C-100 sodium glucoheptonate has many industrial uses as a high performance chelating agent. Its superior performance in the pH range between 9 and 14 is due to its efficiency in forming stable chelates with di- and tri-valent metal ions such as Fe2+, Fe3+, Zn2+, Mn2+,Cu2+,Co2+,Tc+.

T-Det A 2623
Description: Alcohol ethoxylate
Applications: Hard surface cleaners, laundry detergents, all-purpose cleaners
Comments: T-Det A 2623 is a biodegradable, twenty-three mole ethoxylate of linear C12-C16. It exhibits excellent detergent properties and can be used in a wide variety of applications. This material is a solid at room temperature.

Lincoln Manufacturing


Linatural Ultra-3
Description: All-natural, broad-spectrum multifunctional antimicrobial system (preservative): Pentylene glycol, phenethyl alcohol, propanediol
Applications: All household products and wipes Use levels: 0.5-2%
Comments: All-natural preservative system that is used at any pH.

Lincoserve HpH-6
Description: Alternative, broad-spectrum preservative system (Phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, ethylhexylglycerin)
Applications: All household products and wipes Use levels: 0.5-1.5%
Comments: Cost-effective, alternative preservative system that is used in household products at any pH.

Lincoserve WpH-LO
Description: Broad-spectrum, alternative multifunctional antimicrobial system (Pentylene glycol, caprylyl glycol, propanediol, ethylhexylglycerin)
Applications: All household products and wipes Use levels: 0.5-2%
Comments: Wide pH, low odor, does not interfere with viscosity, broad-spectrum, preservative-free claims.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.


Noverite 311 polymer
Description: Ampholytic terpolymer
Applications: Window and mirror cleaners Use levels: 0.2 to 1.0wt% as received
Comments: High performance, multifunctional polymer that has excellent performance to make hard surfaces hydrophilic resulting in anti-fogging performance. Effective in spray-on and wipes mirror and glass cleaning products.

Noverite 310 polymer
Description: Cationic polymer
Applications: Bathroom cleaners Use levels: 0.5 to 1.2wt% as received
Comments: High performance, surface-substantive polymer for inhibiting hard water spots and making soap scum depositions easier to remove from bathroom surfaces through hydrophilic surface modification. Effective in bathroom cleaners and the polymer is included on the EPA inert list.

Univar Household & Industrial Cleaning (HIC)


Augeo Clean Multi by Solvay
Description: Isopropylideneglycerol
Applications: Degreasing Use levels: 1-20%, application and performance dependent.
Comments: Low/no odor, bio-sourced solvent produced from bio-based glycerin

Optimase Enzymes by DuPont
Description: Protease, amylase, cellulase and mannanase
Applications: Laundry and warewash (dish) Use levels: 0.2-2%, depending on application and desired performance
Comments: Biological catalysts that enable more efficient cleaning by breaking down soils.

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