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PCI 2015 Index of Articles

PCI 2015 Index of Articles

Link: 2015 Index of Articles | PCI
By: Kristin Johansson


Keeping Track of the Regulatory Scene, Editor’s Viewpoint
The Journey to VOC Exemption, ANGUS Chemical
A Review of Global Supply and Demand for Titanium Dioxide, TZ Minerals International Pty Ltd.
Puzzled by Global VOC and Emission Standards in Architectural Paints? Eastman Chemical Co.
Environmentally Friendly Marine Biocide Surfaces, I-Tech AB
A Multipurpose Additive for Solventborne Coatings, PATCHAM (FZC)
A New Development in Penniman Red Production, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH
Mechanism of Abrasion Resistance, Shamrock Technologies
EU Biocidal Product Regulations – One Year Later, The REACH Centre

Online Features

New Vapor-Phase Corrosion Inhibitor, Cortec® Corp.
A 900-Square-Meter “Rain Jacket”, Evonik Industries
PPG Supplies Coating System for Port of Miami Tunnel, PPG Industries


New Coatings Technologies Featured at NAIAS, Editor’s Viewpoint
Zero-VOC, Surfactant-Free Alkyd Dispersion for High-Performance Coatings, Arkema Coating Resins
Radiation-Curable Components in Hard, Scratch-Resistant Coating Applications, Sartomer Americas
Silicone Resins for High-Temperature-Resistant Coatings, Evonik Industries, AG
High-Speed Mixers for Coatings and Inks,Charles Ross & Son Co.
Industrial Coatings in Architectural Areas, Bayer MaterialScience LLC

Online Features

How to Care for Your UV Lamps, Alpha-Cure
Powder Coatings Help Markthal Rotterdam Achieve Vibrant Indoor Mural, Valspar Corp.


Waterborne Event Offers Many New Technologies, Editor’s Viewpoint
Spray Urethane Coatings with Hydrophobic Polyols, The Dow Chemical Co.
Waterborne UVA/HALS Blend for High-Performance Clear and Pigmented Coatings, BASF Corp.
Color-Changing Resin Technology, Allnex
Next-Generation Matting Agents for UV Coatings, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.
The Next Step in Wood Coatings, Evonik Industries

Online Features

New Fire-Retardant Shrink Film, Cortec® Corp.
Iconic Navy Vessel Refurbished, PPG Industries, Inc.


Keeping it Green, Editor’s Viewpoint
An Exclusive Look Inside DCM’s Lab, PCI Magazine
Waterborne Polyurethane Dispersions with New Sustainable Solvent, Taminco
AkzoNobel Discusses Environment-Friendly Technologies and Sustainability, AkzoNobel
Sustainability in the Coatings Industry, TMA Consulting
Biogenic Silica Harvested from Rice Hulls, SioTeX® Corp.
Biobased Succinic Acid, BioAmber Inc. and Stahl Int’l bv
Innovative Waterborne Acrylics for Industrial Wood Coatings, Alberdingk Boley Inc.
Ultrasonic Acoustically Assisted Inline Drying for Waterborne Wood Coatings, Heat Technologies, Inc.

Online Features

A Methodology for Optimizing Chromate Conversion Coating Process Parameters, EIG Inc.
The Design of Static Mixer Heat Transfer Equipment for Adhesives, Sealants, Resins and Polymers, Chemineer
Customer is King – Enterprises Intensify Innovation Efforts, ALTANA AG


Industry Insights, Editor’s Viewpoint
Renewable Cashew Nutshell Liquid-Based Product Enables Solvent-Free Epoxy Coatings, Cardolite
Easily Dispersed Pigments Revolutionize Coatings Production, The Shepherd Color Co.
Dispersing Without Grinding Media, NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH
Core-Shell Silicone Elastomer Particles: Tough but Flexible on Impact, Evonik Industries
Evolving Foam-Control Additives for Compliant Coatings, Dow Corning Corp.
Recycled-Content Polyols for Specialty Polyurethane Coatings, Resinate Materials Group, Inc.
Formulation Techniques Using FEVE Resins in Waterborne and High Solids Coatings, AGC Chemicals Americas, Inc.
Choosing the Right Spectrophotometer, X-Rite Inc.
What is the Level of Confidence in Measuring Gloss? TQC B.V.
Innovative Coating Shields Metal from Rust, Rust Bullet
Improvements to the Coil-Coating Process Continue to Flow, National Coil Coating Association
Unique Gas Analyzer Helps Characterize Photoactive Pigments, Gasmet Ansyco GmbH


Focusing on Additives, Editor’s Viewpoint
Young Companies Show Strong Spirit, PCI Magazine
Highlights from the European Coatings Show, PCI Magazine
APE-Free Surfactants for Emulsion Polymerization of Latexes with Higher Solid Content, Oxiteno USA
Additive Supplier Perspectives, PCI Magazine
Methodology for Developing Low-Temperature-Cure Accelerators, The Dow Chemical Co.
Functional Fillers for Matting and Performance Enhancements, 3M Co.
Glass Flake: Extraordinary Performance Improver, Corrocoat/Glassflake Ltd.
Is FAE a Good Alternative to APE? Beroe Inc.

Online Features

Making Our Cities More Liveable, AkzoNobel
Heat Exchanger Increases Production Capacity in Specialty Chemical Plant, Chemineer
An Explanation of Process Maturity According to the New ISO 9001, TÜV SÜD


This Year’s PCI Blockbuster: A Clash of Titans, Guest Editor’s Viewpoint
Global Top 10 and PCI 25, PCI Magazine
Fundamentals in Choosing a Biocide: Protecting Polymer Dispersions, LANXESS Corp.
Superior Flat Paint Hiding with Specialized Titanium Dioxide, Chemours Titanium Technologies
A New Dominant Force in China’s TiO2 Market? CCM
Internationalization in the Coatings Industry, Homburg & Partner
Complying With Dangerous Goods Transport Regs, Labelmaster

Online Features

Rebuilding a Wonder of the Medieval World, AkzoNobel
Liquid-Applied Air Barrier Enables Cold-Weather Project to Move Forward, Dow Corning
A Coating Solution for U.K.’s Waverley Railway Station, The Sherwin-Williams Co.


PCI Welcomes New Publisher, Editor’s Viewpoint
Design, Development and Evaluation of Super Hydrophobic Coatings, Eastern Michigan University
Faster Finishes, Dow Coating Materials
Examining Interfacial Adhesion of Biomedical Coatings, Ebatco
Searching for a Solution, Wilden
Dual-Purpose Vacuum Conveyor Triples Production Throughput, VAC-U-MAX

Online Features

Crocs Flagship Storefront Emblazoned with Custom Colors, The Valspar Corp.
New Washington University Aluminum-Framed Skylights Finished with PVDF Coating, Linetec
Tapping Creativity: Industrial Corporations Buying into Startups, ALTANA


Bring New Ideas Back to the Lab, Editor’s Viewpoint
Bio-Succinic Acid in Coatings and Resins, Reverdia
Silicone’s Positive Influences on Exterior Coatings, WACKER Chemical Corp.
Lead Chromate Replacement, Heubach GmbH
Let There Be (Day) Light, Dow Coating Materials
Novel Enabling Techniques to Quantify Wet and Dry Coating Properties, Ashland Inc.
Weathered Steel or Coating? The Valspar Corp.

Online Features

SCIGRIP Solar Boat Finishes Second in Competition, SCIGRIP
Complex Hazmat Transport Regs Would Even Challenge Einstein, Labelmaster


PCI’s New Editorial Advisory Board, Editor’s Viewpoint
An Inside Look at the Global Pigments Market, LANXESS
Novel Pigment-Stabilizing Dendritic Oligomers, Dymax Corp.
Novel Corrosion Inhibitors for High-Performance Coatings, King Industries, Inc.
Modern Organic Thixotropes for Advanced Solvent-Based Coatings and Adhesives, Elementis Specialties, Inc.
Regulation-Driven Innovation, Siltech Corp.
Electron Beam Laboratory Systems, PCT Engineered Systems, LLC
Distributor Perspectives, PCI Magazine

Online Features

“Let’s Colour” Event Transforms Rio Favela, AkzoNobel
Designers Present Future Automotive Color Trends, BASF


Developing a Knowledge-Based Economy, Editor’s Viewpoint
Upcycling from Water Bottles to Protective Coatings, Resinate Materials Group, Inc.
Chemical and Physical Properties of Inorganic Pigments as They Relate to Coatings Dispersions, Myers Mixers
Novel Polysiloxane Enhancing Polymer, Wacker Chemical Corp.
Advancing Alkyds: Novel Dispersion Technology Pushes Waterborne Performance to New Levels, Dow Coating Materials
Sustainable Sustainability Claims, Green Biologics Inc.

Online Features

Powder Coatings Help Protect Barcelona’s Iconic La Sagrada Familia Basilica, AkzoNobel
Volunteers Fan Across Three Continents on 4th Annual Global Day of Service, Michelman
Simplifying the 49 CFR Shipping Rules, Labelmaster


AkzoNobel Hosts Editor’s Roundtable, Editor’s Viewpoint
BASF Opens New Technical Laboratory in Michigan, PCI Magazine
Innovation, Sustainable Practices Drive Pine Chemicals Industry, Pine Chemicals Association
De-Mystifying Private Equity: Rhetoric vs. Reality, Huron Capital Partners

Online Features

High-Performance Coatings Helping Rocket Car to Sniff Out World Record, AkzoNobel
New Graphene-Coated “e-fabrics” Detect Noxious Gases, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Protective Coatings Help Restore Historic 1964 World’s Fair Pavilion in New York, PPG Industries, Inc.

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