Anisyl Acetone (CAS 104-20-1)

Products & Informations

Anisyl acetone is colorless to pale yellow oily liquid with flowers and fruit odor.

It is prepared by the selective hydrogenation of p-Methoxybenzafdehyde and acetone alcohol.

Anisyl acetone is widely used in flavor and fragrance formulation.


1. used in perfume composition as a modifier for heliotropine
2. used as a sweetener for cyclamen aldehyde
3. used as blender in many types of sweet florals, fougeres and oriental fragrance
4. used as flavor in cherry and raspberry


Appearance colorless to pale yellow oily liquid
Content 98% min
Refractive index 20°C 1.517 ~ 1.521
Freezing point 9°C max