Citronellol (CAS 106-22-9)

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Citronellol, or dihydrogeraniol, is a natural acyclic monoterpenoid. Both enantiomers occur in nature.

It is found in citronella oils, including Cymbopogon nardus (50%), is the more common isomer. (−)-Citronellol is found in the oils of rose (18–55%) and Pelargonium geraniums.

Citronellol can be prepared by hydrogenation of geraniol or nerol.

Citronellol has multiple applications in the industry.


1.used in alcoholic fine fragrances
2.widly used in many perfume composition that gives a clean, fresh, and natural rosy note to fragrance
3.used as fabric softeners
4.used as antiperspirant
5. used in detergents


Soluble in ethanol and most non-volatile oils and propylene glycol, insoluble in glycerol, but insoluble in water


  • Packing in 180kg iron drum


Store in Cool and ventilated warehouse. Stay away from fire and heat, separately from oxidant


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Apperaance colorless or slightly yellow liquid
Odor like Rose smell
Specific Gravity,20/4℃ 0.8520~0.860
Refractive Index,20℃ 1.4520-1.4620
Specific Rotation(20℃) 0~+2
Purity,by GC 95% min
Acid Value mgKOH/g 1.0 max