Nerol Extra (CAS 106-25-2)

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Nerol is colorless clear liquid with sweet natural neroli, citrus and magnolia odor.

It is found in many essential oils, including neroil, bergamot oil, and citronella oil.

Nerol is commonly prepared by synthetic method in industry.

It is mainly used in perfumery.

Geraniol and Nerol are geometrical isomers.


1. used in rose fragrance and citrus notes to give them freshness
2. used as intermediate of synthetic fragrance
3. used as food and beverage additives


  • Packing in Packed in 25kg drum


Store in cool, dry place in tightly sealed containers, protected from heat and light


Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Specific Gravity @ 25.00°C 0.87500 to 0.88300
Refractive Index @ 20.00°C 1.46700 to 1.47800
Purity 97% min