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P-Methoxybenzaldehyde is naturally found in anise oil. It appears colorless liquid with the odor of hawthorn flower.

P-Methoxybenzaldehyde can be prepared by the oxidation of anesol, sommelet reaction of anisole, and the methylation P-hydroxybenzaldehyde, etc.

It is widely used in the preparation of fragrance.


1. used as a fragrance ingredient
2. used as a flavoring agent
3. used as a triplet sensitizer to catalyze the photochemical intermolecular atom-transfer radical addition (ATRA) of haloalkanes onto olefins
4. used as a stain for detecting non UV-active substances using thin layer chromatography (TLC).


  • Packing in 200kg/steel drum


Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Odor Floral aroma
Density 1.119-1.122
Refractive index 1.571-1.574
Acid value 5 mgKOH/g
Assay 99% min