Flavours & Natural Extracts

“Tell me how many senses the men of your planet have.”
— “We have only seventy-two,” said the academic, “and we complain constantly about it.”

Voltaire, Micromégas, 1752




FOREVEREST® is a supplier of chemical raw materials to flavoring manufacturers. Our clients are professionals on food processing, their products include savoury food, baking, beverages, seasoning.

Flavoring is the key additives ingredient of food processing. It would change the food sense in taste and smell, benefit for products innovation. Meanwhile, flavoring also is a safety solution to satisfy the unique requirements from customers.

According as food legislation in most countries, food flavours are mainly identified as two types, Natural Extracts and Artificial Flavours, the artificial substances include Nature Identical and Synthetics. Approved by USA.FDA 172.515, CHN.GB2760-2014, we supply  an extensive range of natural and synthetic flavoring substances for flavour manufacturers.

Our available ingredients would used for food/beverages flavours preparing, also can add in the flavor formulas for food mixes. Download whitepaper to get products list and work with us.